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Artisanal tea gift boxes from Celes Té for Mother’s Day

FnBnews | May 03, 2021

To celebrate the most loving and inspiring women in your life, Celes Té - A new homegrown label for artisanal teas by Anubha Jhawar has launched luxurious gift box offerings that make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. “Fine teas should not be a rarity, but an everyday luxury,” said Anubha.

One can select from a range of sophisticated, luxurious gift boxes such as Blooming Allure, Ambrosial Montage, Elixir Selection, Green Mélange, Symphony and Desire.

Sourced from carefully chosen estates spanning across Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal and the Nilgiri hills, the bouquet of teas stands out for their non-traditional, distinctly bespoke characters and flavours.

These soothing, heart-warming blends are all about self care and self pampering, about losing oneself in aromas and delicate flavours as the world does by, on Mother’s Day.

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