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Cosy up this winter with a piping hot cup of tea from CelesTe

CelesTe brings an exclusive range of winter teas
IndiFoodBev | By: IFB Desk | November 19, 2020
Winters are incomplete without that warm cup of joy

Winters are around the corner. This season is the time when every tea lover likes to snuggle inside their quilt in the comfort of their home with a brewed cup of tea in their hands. Winter season brings with it an abundance of chill in the air, soft woolens, and a chance to indulge in favorite delicacies because, during this time, our digestive system tends to be much stronger. However, the onset of winters can also signal the arrival of certain health afflictions, the most common being viral, which can ruin the weather for us. Hence, to stay fit and enjoy this time of the year to the hilt, CelesTé brings an exclusive range of winter teas that are a must-try for you. “Add that crowning touch to your winter season with this new collection of teas which are bound to leave you asking for more. Every blend has been mindfully and artistically crafted to appease the palate of tea aficionados,” it said.


CelesTé, the premium quality brand, presents a bouquet of teas that stand out for their unconventional, distinctly bespoke taste. So, go on and savor the fine pairings and subtle flavors on offer.


Choco Spice

According to CelesTe, a sweet sip is sure to gratify those dessert cravings without calorie woes. Sensuous cocoa plays with a peek-a-boo hint of spicy cinnamon, nutty feel-good cardamom strong ginger. Teased along by the distinct decadence of chocolate and cocoa nibs, the silky maltiness is beautifully balanced by hops’ bittersweet piquancy. Available at Rs 799, its ingredients include oolong tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa nibs, ginger, and hops with tasting notes of sweet muscatel, chocolatey with hints of spices.



Zesty Warmth

This dusky beauty envelops the essence of all its ingredients, with every sip unwrapping a different flavor, it said. The strong layers of black tea with the lingering sweetness and licorice taste of star anise. It blends with a soothing yet refreshingly after note. Zesty Warmth is like mulled wine on a wintry day, filling you with aromatic, comforting deliciousness. It is said to be a perfect partner for a cake break. Available at Rs 699, its ingredients include black tea, star anise, cinnamon, orange peel, clove. Tasting notes comprises malty, citrus with sweet-spicy after taste.



It is the simple pleasures that string together to make life worthwhile. AMPM is the tea equivalent to cozy contentment at its best. This is the tea that warms the cockles of your heart and gets you going, any time of the day. Reminiscent of all things Indian, cardamom enhances the tea’s feel-good factor with its nutty silky smoothness. Black pepper, an antioxidant, adds depth with the sharpness of aroma to the wellness quotient of ginger. Rounding it off to perfection is a touch of clove and cinnamon. Available at Rs 499, its ingredients include black tea, cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon, black pepper. Tasting notes comprises strong and full-bodied, malty with hints of spices.



This tea is a unique experiment in flavor. Individually strong ingredients lose their distinct tastes to amalgamate into a rich, new balanced tea. The wellness root ginger’s pungent, spicy Warmth blends beautifully with the sweet and sour tartness of the superfood, Goji berry. Creamy, sweet vanilla merges with the astringent freshness of peppermint to give a tangy-sweet tea. Available at Rs 699, its ingredients include black tea, ginger, orange peel, clove, cinnamon, peppermint, goji berry. Tasting notes comprises sweet woody, malty mouthfeel with after notes of sweet spices.


In India, tea is not just a mere beverage. Instead, it is considered to be satiating soul food, a cardinal part of hospitality, and a heartfelt celebration of togetherness. Incepted in January 2020, CelesTé has been crafted to go beyond a mere drink and cater to the range of emotions that every Indian tea lover feels for their perfect cup of the beverage. It is a non-traditional artisanal blend of the finest herbs.


The founder and tea sommelier for CelesTe, Anubha Jhawar, firmly believes that fine teas should not be a rarity but an everyday luxury. The company aims to make a tea that has strength, rich color, and refreshing taste. CelesTe sources its teas from select, carefully chosen estates and plantations spanning across Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal, and the Nilgiri hills, producing some of the country’s finest unmatched teas.

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