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Freshly plucked: Our pick of the most exotic teas this season

Forbes India | BY: RIDDHI DOSHI | Apr 3, 2021


Indian summer season begins with the plucking of fresh tea leaves. Here are some of the most exotic new teas and blends you can try this season.

With the onset of the summer season starts the plucking of tea leaves in different parts of the country. From Assam to West Bengal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, tea sommeliers and experts go looking for the finest qualities of tea to add to their roster of offerings.

Forbes India lists some of the most exotic new teas and blends this season.

CelesTe Vanilla Waltz Oolong Tea

This brew by Celes Te is a mix of oolong tea, strawberry, marigold, rose petals and vanilla and has mellow floral tasting notes with a sweet, lingering finish and hints of sweet sourness. It’s perfect for those who like their cup sweet. It is priced at Rs899 for 50 gm.

Another option for those who would like a tea for dessert is the Choco Spice, priced at Rs799 for 50 gm. This smooth mix has oolong tea, chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa nibs, ginger and hops with sweet muscatel and chocolatey tasting notes with a hint of spice.

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