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Women Leaders for Industry, Sector and Organisation

Since this is the time when organisations are facing a constant influx, the ones that prioritize a diverse and inclusive culture will be in a better position to solve the problems of the future.

ETHRWorld Contributor | By: Anubha Jhawar  | October 04, 2020

Anubha Jhawar Founder of CelesTe Artisanal Tea Blends
When people call for more women representation in the workplace, it may seem as though they're just attempting to fulfil a quota. However, gender diversity, largely, is the key to any company's success. Ensuring diversity in a variety of top positions, specifically executive roles, is not just about levelling the corporate playing field. It is more about using the best resources to maximize every organisation’s output. Their presence in management teams leads to increased productivity, better products, greater innovations, better decision-making, and higher rate of employee retention and satisfaction.

Despite the key benefits that the presence of women brings in, they are still underrepresented in key fields. Women are still judged when they choose to go for fields like computer sciences and engineering. The evolution of a variety of roles and job needs is empowering women and bringing them at par with men. The emerging service economy does not really rely on physical strength but rather the soft skills that come naturally to women. These include attention to detail, deeper understanding, empathy, determination and measured thinking. It’s a well-known fact that the female mind is naturally wired for community-building and long-term strategic vision.

The rise of female leaders across the world can actually become a force for good and force to reckon with. For the first time in the history of mankind, we are seeing women leaders emerging from across the generations to utilize and leverage their knowledge to drive for change. For instance, when we talk about environment and climate awareness, then the likes of Jane Goodall, who is highly respected, is standing alongside a teenager like Greta Thunberg. There is now a growing number of capable and ambitious women spearheading influential organisations, striving to bring in real-time change through technology and policy discourse.

Tech Can Lead the Way

Despite computers being androgynous in nature and nothing being inherently masculine about artificial intelligence, blockchain, or machine learning, the tech sector is still heavily male-dominated. Women’s under-representation in newly-emerging roles prevents the gender-gap from closing. Organisations need to ensure the existence of enough rungs on the ladder so that women can climb up the management positions. We need effective discourse in schools and universities to dismantle the mindset that tech is solely a male career path. Technology too has a responsible role to play here in encouraging diversity in the workplace, given that it can change working relationships, bring about transparency and connect people around the world. Since this is the time when organisations are facing a constant influx, the ones that prioritize a diverse and inclusive culture will be in a better position to solve the problems of the future.

The Power of Politics

An increasing number of women are now being elected to legislatures across the world. Recent surveys show that women hold about 25.2% of lower house seats in the parliaments and around 21.2% of ministerial positions in the current year as compared to 24.1% and 19% in 2019. Although there is still a long way to go, engaging more women in the political sphere will typically lead to more employment of women in senior roles in other industries and labour market.

Opening Avenues for Women

• Entrepreneurship: One of the fastest growing avenues allowing women to carve their niche in the corporate world is launching their own ventures. The number of women-owned businesses have increased in abundance over the past couple of years. Women are growing and making a swift balance of career and family life easily via startup cultures. It empowers them to be their own boss and make their own earnings. Women are now growing on their own terms through entrepreneurship and it presents a path for women to close the pay gap and rise to leadership positions. Within their own firms, women can partner with or hire other ambitious and like-minded women, giving birth to a new generation of women in leadership roles.

• Equality and Inclusivity: All forward-thinking organisations prioritize gender equality. Revamping the hiring policy and circumventing bias can assist companies to reap the benefits of balance and equality. Instead of limiting the reach of diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality to political correctness or buzzwords, if this becomes a policy and is included in business strategy then businesses will thrive undoubtedly.

Summing It Up

Overall, these problems are human and not technological. It’s the human system that’s broken. People should be appointed on their merits and not their gender which the electorate must decide. This is why a lot more needs to be done to give women the best possible chances to rise to the top.

The author, Anubha Jhawar, is Founder and CEO of Celes Te.

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