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About CelesTe

CelesTe is a luxury brand specializing in exquisite handlined artisanal teas which are uniquely crafted to perfection. We believe in delivering blended whole leaf teas from India’s finest Tea gardens. We believe that good quality tea should be an everyday luxury. CelesTe’s endevour is to offer exceptional experience to as many people as possible with our Tea Blends.

Why CelesTe

We believe a good of cup of tea brings people, provides calm and sense of well being. It grants you a moment of peace in a fast paced life.We want each Tea to be enjoyed as a beverage and not just a health tonic. Each blend has a story and intended to evoke emotion, cordiality.They are great conversation starters.Since we don't use artificial flavours (all the natural ingredients), the blends exude their true character, and also increases the shelf life if stored correctly.Fresh Teas make a delicious cup. Taste of tea has lot to do with the freshness of the leaf. So fresher the tea, better, tastier and healthier. We at CelesTe, meticulously choose various teas from estates across the country and vacuum pack them to retain their freshness and to avoid any contact with air and moisture.CelesTe’s online Tea shop offers highest quality fine whole leaf teas which are hand blended and meticulously crafted.

How to choose your Tea

Everyone’s cup of tea is different, some like it subtle and others like it brisk or robust. Some like tea with caffeine and some avoid it all together. Some like the punch of fruits while others prefer the soft sweet touch of flowers. Whatever you are into, CelesTe has a perfect celes-tial blend for you!