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Collection: Iced Tea

Iced Teas refers to the cold version of teas. They are usually served with ice and sweetened with sugar, honey, natural sweetner or flavoured syrup. Iced teas can be made in various flavours such as lemon, peach, orange, strawberry, hibiscus, rose and many more. The origin of iced teas can be traced to the US in the 1870s. Early mentions of iced tea can be found in cookbooks such as Buckeye Cookbook by Estelle Woods and Housekeeping in Old Virginia by Marion Cabell Tyree. In India, iced tea flavours such as ginger, lemon and honey are quite popular.


How are iced teas different from others? Iced Tea vs Cold Brews

Iced teas are chilled beverages, unlike traditional teas, which are usually consumed hot. Teas when brewed hot and then consumed with Ice are typically iced teas. They can be garnished with a lemon slice, peaches, strawberry, mint and various fruits. Though most iced teas are derived from tea plant-Camellia Sinensis, the term 'iced tea' is sometimes used to denote herbal tea when served cold.

Cold Brews are Teas when added to room temperature water and kept in refrigerator for 6-8 hours, provide a more delicate and smooth extraction when compared to hot brewing. the Cold brew process extracts less tannins and caffeine while maintaining as many of the beneficial antioxidants as possible.


What are the health benefits of cold brew iced teas?

The cold brew process results in a lighter, less astringent, less bitter and less acidic flavor profile than traditionally found in many hot brewed alternatives. Also the slow extraction means less tannins and abundant antioxidants. They also aid weight loss while helps in boosting metabolism.

Good iced tea flavours such as orange and mango are superior alternatives to sugary soda and keep you hydrated during summers.


Where to buy iced teas in India?

It is recommended to buy iced teas online since it is a quick and convenient option. CelesTe is an artisanal tea brand and is a must-try for those looking to buy iced tea online in India. CelesTe’s online ice tea shop offers the finest quality of loose whole leaf teas, which are meticulously handpicked from premium tea gardens across India. Our signature Orange Escape is highly preferred by our customers, especially those looking to buy healthy iced tea flavours. It is a green tea consisting of orange peels and spearmint as primary ingredients and is highly sought-after as afternoon tea.