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14 wellness products to try in 2022

VOGUE | By: NUPUR SARVAIYA | February 3, 2022


Wellness products in the new year go far beyond incense sticks and off-the-counter essential oils—our arsenal includes everything, from calming skincare to crystal yoga mats.

Shifting our entire lives indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak has also meant squeezing our entire lives—where we work, where we socialise, where we relax—into the same space. The demarcation between all things personal and professional, already a blurry line, got even blurrier. But as the pandemic lingers into the third calendar year, we have all developed our coping mechanisms. I, for one, have been leaning on a form of escapism that millions will resonate with—tapping mindfulness app Calm, from looking at serene pictures or tuning into soothing sounds, in search of reprieve from the crushing anxiety of the virus.

Thankfully, 2022 is set to take self-care to the next level, with everything from our sleep rituals to our yoga practice taking on a well-being avatar. But with a menagerie of wellness products available in the market, suggesting a sordid congress between the scientific and the mystical, things can be confusing. With this in mind, we have put together a list of wellness products that can help anyone reach their individual goals, be it relaxation, mood, focus, sex or a healthy immune system.

If you're a tea addict

There's probably nothing more therapeutic than pouring a piping cup of tea after a long day. If you're a tea lover, then try CelesTé's artisanal Amber Glow brew. With calming ingredients like chamomile, saffron and lemongrass, drinking this cup is an experience in itself.

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