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5 Artisanal Brands To Try For An Exotic Summer Tea

Travel + Leisure India & South Asia | BY ANUSHKA GOEL | April 27, 2022


If you love tea and like to experiment with different flavours combinations, you may have tried a variety of artisanal teas over the years. This summer, check out these artisanal tea brands that serve the most exotic summer teas for the perfect refresher in the heat! By Anushka Goel

India is a country that thrives on its tea – be it a cup of masala chai or a simple oolong tea, or cups of steeped earl grey or flavourful green teas. Keeping this in mind, along with the fact that Indians love to experiment with their chai, several artisanal tea brands have emerged, which offer various types of green, black, oolong, white and other. Some of these brands have a range of exotic summer teas, which are here to make this season all the more special for you. Check them out below!

Exotic summer teas you should try this season


Peach is among the most popular iced tea flavours out there, coming behind lemon iced tea (since that’s what most of us have grown up with). The sweet, citrusy flavour of the fruit complements the earthy, leafy notes of the tea perfectly, creating a naturally sweet blend that makes your summer iced teas all the more special. And CelesTe Artisanal Tea is one such brand that is making refreshing teas this summer. Their Just Peachy tea has notes of peach, mint and ginger, blended with green tea, and the tropical notes cool the body and rejuvenate your senses while being a healthier alternative to the sugary instant iced teas available on the market.

Price: INR 799 for 50 grams (approx 20 cups)

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