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Here’s How Cold-Brewed Teas Can Get You Through The Hot Summer

 Light and refreshing, cold brew iced tea is easy to make and perfect for a hot summer day. Try adding in some of your favourite fruits for even fresher flavour.

Zee Zest | By: NIVEDITA JAYARAM PAWAR | MAY 04, 2022


There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of homemade iced tea on a hot summer day. It’s light, clean, and revitalising. Making it isn't difficult either. You only need tea and time. (A bit of citrus and sugar wouldn't hurt either, but they're not essential.) While the cold-brew trend started mainly with coffee, it suits tea perfectly.

Why cold brewing makes the best iced tea

Similar to cold-brewed coffee, cold-brewed tea has a smoother flavour. “Cold-brewing tea has several advantages when compared to hot-brewing, then chilling tea. When you steep tea in boiling water, you extract a greater amount of tannins, which turn the tea bitter. When hot-steeped tea is chilled, that bitterness grows even stronger. The cold brew process extracts lesser tannins and caffeine while maintaining as many of the beneficial antioxidants as possible. This brewing process results in a lighter, less astringent, less bitter, and less acidic flavour profile than traditionally found in many hot brewed alternatives,” explains Anubha Jhawar, sommelier and tea blender, Founder of CelesTe. If you enjoy drinking tea but want to limit your caffeine intake, you should give cold-brewing a try!

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