Collection: Dessert Tea

The tradition of blending tea with herbs, spices and flowers can be traced to antiquity. Dessert tea is the next step forward for tea blends. As the name suggests, dessert teas attempt to mimic the flavour of a specific dessert. The sweet flavours of dessert teas are recommended for people who might not drink tea otherwise. They also provide a sugar-free and healthy alternative to those with sweet tooth. Depending upon the variant, dessert teas can be rich and smooth like Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Tea, creamy and floral like Red Rose Dessert Tea, or light and fruity like Peach Oolong Tea.


How is dessert tea different from other kinds of tea?

Unlike traditional teas, dessert teas may or may not be derived from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). They could be a concoction of herbs, dried flowers and dessert extracts. Dessert teas are generally preferred after meals since they act as great mouth cleansers. However, since they do not contain sugar, they can be consumed at any time of the day. Their sweet flavour is due to naturally sweet ingredients. Dessert teas are very versatile; they can be consumed either hot or cold.


Where to buy dessert teas in India?

It is recommended to buy dessert teas online as it enables you to place an order with one click with several payment options and avail of doorstep delivery. You also get to make an informed choice based on customer ratings and reviews. And yes, not to forget the festive season offers that let you enjoy your cuppa at attractive prices! CelesTe is a one-stop destination for tea connoisseurs as our teas are carefully handpicked from select tea gardens across India and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Our dessert teas are handcrafted from assorted herbs and dessert extracts. At CelesTe, we specialise in loose leaf dessert tea, which offers a wholesome aroma and taste, and also dessert tea bags. If you want to shop for fruit tea, you may choose our offering, Just Peachy, a peach-flavoured green tea. Our signature herbal dessert tea, Green Rhapsody, is a unique concoction of green tea, rosemary, natural vanilla, and rose, which offers a sweet lingering finish with the tartness of goji berry. If you love iced dessert teas, buy a dessert tea pack from our website, brew it as per instructions given on the label and consume it after refrigeration.