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Collection: Gift Box


Tea is a refreshing and widely consumed beverage, and it is hard to come across people who do not drink tea at all. Hence, tea and tea blends make an excellent gift for tea lovers in India as well as the rest of the world. Be it a festive occasion like Raksha Bandhan, Christmas or Diwali; these tea gift packs are bound to delight tea connoisseurs and make a unique and thoughtful gesture. Though tea is widely consumed as a hot beverage in India, consider buying an iced tea gift set to make your gift a truly innovative one, especially during summers. Similarly, herbal tea bag gift sets and Wellness Tea Gift Hamper are suitable for fitness enthusiasts.


You can choose from a range of exquisite tea gift sets in India. However, it is recommended to go for reputed brands only if you want to buy tea gift packs to enjoy their authentic flavour and taste.


Buy tea gift packs online to enjoy attractive offers and doorstep delivery. Moreover, choose CelesTe if you are looking to buy tea gifts packs online in India. CelesTe's tea gift sets consist of both loose-leaf teas gift packs as well as tea bags.


Our signature offering, Zest, features three blends and is a must-try if you are looking to buy tea gift box sets online. Featuring Tropical Paradise, Marrakesh Mojito, Orange Escape and a tea basket strainer, it is recommended to buy this tea gift if you are looking for mood boosters. Our tea gift box, Serenity, is among the best herbal tea gift packs amalgamating the calmness of chamomile, freshness of mint and sweetness of cinnamon. We also offer customised tea gift boxes which are best for those specifically looking for a particular type of set- be it a green tea gift set, or a flavoured tea gift set.


So, what are you waiting for? Buy Teaware Gift Sets from us and make a day for your special one!