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Collection: Green Tea

About Green Tea

Green tea is among one of the least oxidised and the least processed types of tea. Today, it has emerged as the sought-after health beverage across the world because it contains high amounts of antioxidants called polyphenols.

Green tea originated in China, but its consumption was initially restricted to the upper echelons of society as it was an expensive beverage. A text called ‘Cha Jing’, also referred to as ‘The Classic of Tea', written by Cha Jing in 800 A.D., is the first work which documents the green tea culture in the world history. Green tea was introduced to Europe by travellers in the 19th century and soon became popular along with black tea due to its flavour. It became popular in America, too, after being shipped to the country by settlers.


What makes green tea different from others?

Like all teas, green tea is also extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis. The extent of processing gives a distinct flavour and properties and results in a particular tea type. Among all types of tea, green tea has the shortest drying period ranging from 1-2 days to prevent oxidation. It is hence the least oxidised and the least processed among all teas. A short drying period helps tea leaves retain their green colour and results in green tea being rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epicatechins and flavanols. Green tea is generally green, yellow or light brown with a flavour ranging from grass-like and toasted (pan-fired) to vegetal, sweet and steamed.

How is a green tea produced?

For producing green tea, tea leaves harvested from the camellia sinensis plant are quickly heated to prevent excess oxidation, which retains the green colour of the leaves. Heating helps halt the oxidation process and imparts a fresh, grassy flavour to the leaves. The heating method varies from region to region. In China, the pan-firing approach is used wherein tea is pan or wok roaster, gibing them a pale colour, while in Japan, it is steamed to give them a brighter green colour. Subsequently, they are rolled, curled and twisted to drain excess moisture and sap.

What are the health benefits of green tea?

Green tea is loaded with several health benefits due to the presence of a high concentration of antioxidants. People generally consume green tea for weight loss. Green tea also regulates metabolism by breaking down fatty acids and preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since it is a powerhouse of rich antioxidants, it is also known to reduce the risk of certain cancers such as that of breast, prostate and colon. It also contains catechins which reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and fights bad breath. The presence of amino acid L-theanine in green tea along with minimal caffeine stimulates brain functioning and has a destressing effect on the body. Flavours such as chamomile and lavender have a soothing effect on your senses.


Green tea shopping

It is highly recommended to buy green tea online as it is convenient and a hassle-free option. But you must choose a reputed company only since the former will always disclose the manufacturing and packaging date of your green tea order. Furthermore, if you are looking to enjoy the wholesome flavour with a rich aroma, you must buy green tea leaves or whole leaf green tea.

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How to prepare green tea?

  • - Buy green tea online from a reputed company like CelesTe
  • - If your tea order mentions any specific instructions for steeping, follow them. As a general practice, use approximately 2-2.5 grams of loose green tea leaf per 5-6 oz. cup of water for boiling
  • - If you are not using an electric kettle, bring boiling water to rest and allow it to cool slightly before pouring it over green tea leaves
  • - Be careful not to over-boil the tea as it will make it more bitter and stringent
  • - Cover steeping tea with a lid to retain heat
  • - You may add milk or sugar to taste, according to your wish