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Collection: Black Tea

About Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most popular form of tea. It is also the most oxidised and possesses the strongest flavour among all types of tea. Tracing its origins to China in the mid-17th century, it was the first kind of tea to be introduced in Europe and the Middle East. Under the patronage of British and Scottish entrepreneurs, black tea production spread to other parts of the world like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, etc. The discovery of the Assam black tea variety (Camellia sinensis assamica) in 1823 marked a milestone in black tea production. Subsequently, the English, who had colonised India by then, began tea farming in Darjeeling, West Bengal.


What makes Black Tea different from others?

It is to be noted that all teas originate from the same plant—Camellia sinensis, and it is the difference in their processing which imparts them a particular flavour and colour. In the case of black tea, the tea leaves are fully oxidised before being heat-processed and dried. The oxidation turns tea leaves into rich dark brown to black and lends them a malty, fruity or smoky flavour, depending upon the type of tea.


How is Black Tea produced?

Black Tea is produced by either of these two methods- Orthodox and CTC (Crush-Tear-Curl). In the orthodox method, tea leaves are allowed to remain whole or only partially broken while processing. This method is more time-consuming, apart from plucking leaves, it involves withering to reduce moisture and then rolling them several ways before oxidation. Once black tea leaves are oxidised to get colour and flavour, they are fired to apply the heat to stop oxidation. Subsequently, they are graded for quality.

CTC is the faster processing method wherein tea leaves are cut into fine pieces. Such pieces are oxidised more quickly than whole leaf tea, resulting in a consistent and strong black tea. The tea processed from this method is commonly used in black tea bags and masala chai.

The black tea is rolled immediately after withering to start the oxidation process quickly. Subsequently, the tea leaves are dried and then sent for grading and sorting.


Where is Black Tea produced?

Today, black tea is grown in several parts of the world. India, Sri Lanka and Africa account for the largest production of black tea worldwide. India accounts for half of the black tea production globally. In India, tea is produced mainly in Assam and Darjeeling. Assam tea is known for its bold and malty flavour imparted by its rainy and tropical climate. Assam tea tastes well with added milk and sugar. In contrast, Darjeeling tea is produced in the mountainous region around Darjeeling, West Bengal and is softer and more herbaceous.


What are the health benefits of Black Tea?

Black tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, especially polyphenols, that remove free radicals from the body and prevent cell damage. One can also consume black tea for weight loss as it contains theaflavins and thearubigins, which reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Black tea also has a group of antioxidants, such as flavonoids which reduce many risk factors of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, elevated triglyceride levels and much more. It also contains anti-microbial properties and polyphenols, which promote gut health by killing harmful bacteria and repairing the lining of the digestive tract.


Why Buy Black Teas online?

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How to prepare black tea?

Black tea is an easy preparation which requires minimal ingredients. Follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare black tea.

  • - Boil water
  • - Add tea leaves to the boiling water.
  • - It is always better to add tea leaves after turning the gas off to prevent over-brewing of tea leaves
  • - Keep the lid onto the pan to preserve the aroma and let it stand for 2-3 minutes.
  • - Strain the solution using a strainer and pour it into a cup
  • - Add sugar, to taste, if required
  • - Your hot cup of tea is ready