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Spring Tea Guide: A Guide to the Best Teas for the Season

As winter bids farewell and spring paints the world with its vibrant hues, there's no better way to embrace the season's arrival than with a cup of Celeste tea. Celeste offers a delightful selection of floral teas perfectly suited for the freshness of spring. Let's explore these exquisite Spring Tea Blends that will make your springtime moments even more special.

1. Royal Blossom - Black Tea

Experience the luxurious essence of spring with Royal Blossom, Celeste's special black tea blend. Made just for this season, each sip of this tea brings the freshness of spring to your cup. With the finest loose leaves carefully chosen, it gives you a rich and bold flavor that's perfect for celebrating springtime. As you sip, you'll feel like you're strolling through a blooming garden, with hints of Lavender and Rose Petals adding a touch of floral magic. Let every cup of Royal Blossom take you on a delightful journey through the joys of spring.


  • Lavender
  • Rose Petals

2. Her Majesty – White Tea

Introducing "Her Majesty" by Celeste, a divine white tea blend crafted to encapsulate the essence of spring. Infused with the elegance of White Tea also known as “Silver Needle”, delicately plucked in its youth, this blend offers a visually stunning and refreshing experience. Enhanced with the gentle fragrance of Jasmine and the sweet touch of Rosebuds, each sip transports you to a blossoming garden. "Her Majesty" not only delights the senses but also provides potential health benefits with its antioxidant-rich profile. Embrace the beauty and goodness of springtime with every exquisite sip of this enchanting blend.


  • Jasmine
  • Rosebuds 

3. Free Spirit – White Tea

Step into spring with Celeste's Free Spirit White Tea – a loose leaf blend meticulously crafted with the purest natural ingredients. This special tea features the elegance of White Tea also known as “Silver Needle”, harvested during the tender springtime, ensuring a delightful and visually captivating experience. Infused with the delicate essence of lavender and mint, this 100% natural blend perfectly captures the spirit of the season in every brew. White Tea not only enhances the tea's flavor but also brings a touch of purity and vitality to your cup. Refreshing and invigorating, Celeste's Free Spirit White Tea offers a moment of serenity and renewal with each sip, making it your ultimate companion for a refreshing and natural indulgence that beautifully reflects the essence of spring.


  • Lavender
  • Mint

4. Amber Glow - White Tea

As spring brings its gentle embrace, indulge in the pure taste of Celeste's Amber Glow loose leaf tea, meticulously crafted with 100% natural ingredients. This delightful blend is elevated with the inclusion of White Tea also known as “Silver Needle”, carefully plucked during the tender springtime, enhancing the tea's authenticity and connection to the season. Blended with saffron, chamomile, and lemongrass, Amber Glow captures the essence of spring without any artificial additives. Chamomile imparts a soothing touch, while lemongrass adds a refreshing zest, creating a perfect cup to enjoy hot or cold. Embrace the authenticity of spring with every sip of Amber Glow, a true celebration of nature's renewal that beautifully incorporates the significance of white tea in its crafting.


  • Saffron
  • Chamomile
  • Lemongrass

5. Remembrance – Oolong Tea

Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring with Celeste's Oolong Tea Blend: Remembrance. Infused with delicate rose buds, this captivating blend encapsulates the essence of renewal and new beginnings. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, including premium loose leaf oolong tea, every sip invites you to savor the season's awakening. Join us in celebrating the beauty of spring with Celeste's Remembrance blend, where each cup is a tribute to nature's timeless charm.


  • Rose Buds

6. Gold Rush - Green Tea 

Experience springtime in a cup with Celeste's Green Tea Blend: Gold Rush. Made from all-natural ingredients like chamomile, marigold, and rosemary, this loose leaf tea captures the fresh essence of the season. Join us as we explore why this blend is perfect for welcoming spring's beauty and vitality.


  • Chamomile
  • Marigold
  • Rosemary


Celeste's floral teas are the perfect companions for embracing the essence of spring. From the luxurious Royal Blossom to the refreshing Free Spirit, each blend offers a delightful journey through the season's flavors. Sip, savor, and celebrate the beauty of springtime with Celeste's teas in hand. Cheers to blooming moments and the joy found in every cup! Experience the essence of spring with Celeste's exquisite collection of spring teas.

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