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(We recommend the following Tea)

By: Anubha Jhawar | July 12, 2022

Lazy: Serendipity

This Cheerful Black Tea blend is delicious and flavorful giving an instant kick to the lazy senses. This blend is a unique experiment in flavour and can truly be a pleasant surprise.

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Anxious: Gold Rush

Gold Rush Green Tea, a unique blend of Chamomile and Marigold that is perfect for soothing the frayed nerves. The Chamomile in this balmy Tea not only soothes you but the Marigold is known to have healing properties.

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Nauseous: Zing

Make friends with this aromatic brew that is peppy and uplifting; yet healing and soothing. Both ginger and lemon are known to settle down nausea and aid digestion. This Oolong tea blend is an instant pep up.

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Restless: Free Spirit

This White Tea is ideal to relax and unwind. This delicious and aromatic tea is infused with Lavender and Mint, which calms the nervous system and help you drift off to sleep.

This Tea is delicious, aroma-therapeutic, and a natural relaxant which will help to soothe your frayed nerves.

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Angry: AM PM

CelesTe’s version of Masala Chai is an instant mood changer. It is forgiving, compassionate, friendly, and loves you back. A delightful sip, and the aroma and the spices with the bold Assam CTC start their magic.

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Demotivated: Royal Blossom

this delectable blend gives you hope. Transports you to comforting thoughts of the plewasnt past and hopeful future. Black tea energises and refreshes you while the delicious, lavender is a aroma-therapeutic, and a natural relaxant which will help to soothe your frayed nerves.

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Need A “Pick Me Up”: Zesty Warmth

low on energy and emotions? This is a delectable “pick me up” tea and a companion to your cake. Blended with zestful spices and orange peel, it is a reminder of mulled wine, filling you with comforting deliciousness.

Buy Black Tea Zesty Warmth Here


Depressed: Soulful Tango

This blend is choreography of a tea leaves, a seed, and a root, coming together to create a masterful dance. The mint and lemongrass refreshes and energises your body and balmy ginger and fennel soothes your soul. This tea is truly a mood up lifter.

Buy Green Tea Soulful Tango Here


Sleepy: Vanilla Waltz

This exquisite infusion is a carnival of flavours, scents, colour, and wellness. The robust oolong blend is aromatic and awakens all your senses. Abundance of antioxidants with warmth of vanilla, this tea is a great tea to start your day or a mood changer.

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