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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Tea Gifts That Warm the Heart

This Mother's Day, celebrate with meaningful gifts that resonate with the special women in your life. If your mom enjoys the soothing ritual of tea time, why not surprise her with a gift that combines luxury and sentiment? Explore these enchanting Tea Gift Ideas curated to make her Mother's Day truly memorable:

1. Her Majesty - White Tea


Experience the luxurious blend of 'Her Majesty' white tea. With fragrant jasmine and delicate rosebuds, this loose leaf tea offers a pure and elegant taste. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients, it's a royal treat for your senses.

2. Love – Tea Gift Box


Express your affection with our "LOVE" Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box, featuring a selection of handcrafted blends designed to warm her heart:

  • Royal Blossom: Lavender and rose petals create a calming brew for moments of relaxation.
  • Serendipity: A delightful mix of ginger, orange peel, and spices for a surprising flavor adventure.
  • Soulful Tango: Invigorating spearmint and lemongrass dance on her palate, uplifting her spirits.
  • Tea Basket Strainer: An elegant accessory for effortless brewing, adding a touch of sophistication to her tea ritual.

Crafted from natural ingredients, each tea in this gift box is a token of your love and appreciation, ensuring Mom feels cherished on her special day.

3. Amber Glow - White Tea

Amber Glow, a pure and natural loose leaf tea blend that's as luxurious as it is soothing. Handpicked white tea leaves form the heart of this blend, enhanced with the delicate essence of saffron, the sweetness of chamomile, and the zesty touch of lemongrass. Each sip offers a serene moment of tranquility, inviting you to unwind and savor the gentle flavors of nature. Experience the radiant warmth of Amber Glow, and let its golden essence brighten your day.

4. Artisanal Tea Gift Box - Set of 2


Embark on a sensory journey with our Artisanal Tea Gift Box, featuring two captivating loose leaf teas:

  • Green Rhapsody: A harmonious blend of green tea, rose, and exotic spices, transporting her to a tranquil garden.
  • Marrakesh Mojito: Refreshing green tea infused with mint and lemon, reminiscent of Moroccan mojitos, invigorating her senses.

Indulge in our artisanal Tea Gift Box for an unforgettable tea experience, whether treating yourself or delighting someone special with the perfect gift.

5. Remembrance – Oolong Tea


Remembrance a pure blend of oolong tea infused with delicate rose buds, designed to bring moments of calm and reflection to your day.

Our loose-leaf tea combines the finest oolong leaves with fragrant rose buds, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas. Enjoy the earthy tones of oolong tea complemented by the sweet floral notes of rose, all in a 100% natural brew free from artificial additives.

Take a sip and be transported to serene gardens in bloom. Whether you start your day with a moment of tranquility or unwind in the evening, Remembrance invites you to savor the simple pleasures of life. 

6. Celestial Brewing Gift Box


Elevate her tea ritual with the Celestial Brewing Gift Box, featuring:

  • Vedic Elixir: A rejuvenating blend of black tea and Ayurvedic herbs for a holistic tea experience.
  • Green Rhapsody: Enriched with floral and herbal notes, this green tea infusion offers a symphony of flavors.
  • Tea Basket Strainer: Crafted for seamless brewing, ensuring every cup is as effortless as it is exquisite.

Show Your Love with Thoughtful and Healthy Tea Gifts This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, give the gift of tea that's both thoughtful and healthy. Choose from sampler sets, gift boxes, or create a custom gift box. Pick organic, sustainable teas for a conscious touch. Sampler sets offer a variety of flavors, while gift boxes can include wellness teas, rich in antioxidants. Whichever you choose, your gift will show appreciation for your bond in a warm and nourishing way.

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