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Unwind with the Perfect Blend: A Delicious Recipe for Amber Glow Gin-Tea Cocktail

Looking for a refreshing and delicious cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer evening? Look no further than Celeste's White tea Amber Glow Tea-Gin cocktail! This tasty drink is easy to make and perfect for sipping on a hot day.

Ingredients: -

  • Amber Glow Tea - 45ml
  • Gin - 15ml 
  • Elderflower syrup 
  • Ice cubes  
  • Edible flowers (for garnish) 
  • Lemon rind (for garnish) 


  1. Cold brew or brew Amber Glow Tea in hot water for a few minutes.
  2. Once the tea has cooled, combine it with 45ml of gin, 15ml of elderflower syrup, and a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. 
  3. Give it a good shake and then pour the mixture into a glass. 
  4. Add a garnish of chamomile flower and a lemon rind. 
  5. Sit back and savor this relaxing cocktail. Cheers!


This cocktail is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a backyard barbecue or a cozy night in. The combination of the tea and gin provides a unique and refreshing taste that is perfect for a warm summer evening. So, why not try Celeste's White tea Amber Glow Tea-Gin cocktail at your next summer gathering? Your guests will be impressed with your mixology skills, and you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the delicious taste of this relaxing cocktail. Cheers to a great summer!

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