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6 Lovely, Thoughtful Gift Hampers For Women's Day You Should Check Out

Whats Hot | By: RACHNA SRIVASTAVA | Mar 03, 2021


To the point: While IMO every day is Women's Day, but to make all the ladies feel special in your life on one day of the year is also okay! We don't need one single day to show respect to women; which should be each day, every day! But if we do have to celebrate it and show our appreciation towards the strong, beautiful souls in our lives, then okay, we will indulge in the gifting shenanigans on the dedicated International Women's Day. JK! We all love gifts and need a reason to give and receive gifts! So if you are looking forward to buying something for yourself or to give the lovely bawse ladies something special, then check out these hampers we have curated for you!

CELES TE Bouquet

This is a new homegrown label for artisanal teas by Anubha Jhawar. And for Women's Day, they have curated luxurious gift boxes. You can select from Blooming Allure, Ambrosial Montage, Elixir Selection, Green Melange, Symphony and Desire. These teas are picked from estates across Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal, and the Nilgiri hills, which produce some of the country’s finest and best teas. Go indulge or gift someone such heart-warming, exotic, aromatic teas.

Price range: Starts at Rs. 450

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