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Brew a hot cup of tea & boost your immunity with Celeste tea's new blends

FnBnews | October 06, 2020

Our Bureau, New Delhi

All tea lovers would agree that there is hardly anything that a cup of tea cannot fix. Its essence goes far beyond the art of preparation, variety and taking in the aroma. From acting as an energy booster in the morning to helping overcome the sudden blues and relaxing your mind at night, a hot cup of tea does wonders for your body.

What if your favourite drink can also be your immunity booster? All that's required is the right proportion of some medicinal spices and herbs. In fact, many a time, health experts have also recommended tea for enhancing the body's defence mechanism against several diseases and infections. 

Celeste has mindfully crafted a range of immunity boosting tea. These time-tested functional teas are a must to keep in your cabinet. So, pull up your favourite pack and put the kettle on.

The new launches include Soulful Tango Tea, Mind Body Soul Tea and Zing Tea.

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